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Be prepared...
Nonperishable SCD emergency food

I came home yesterday to find a food pile on our kitchen counter. Larabars, jerky packs, raisins boxes, nut baggies, etc., many covered with lint and dust, some partially squashed, some expired.  As it turns out, all were salvaged from the bottom of the teen’s backpack. Sigh.

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Morana, a mother from Switzerland, shares her family's story

Our son Noah was diagnosed with Crohn’s in the summer of 2014 - he has just turned ten. In the preceding months he was suffering from diarrhea and low-grade fever. He had lost weight and the color had drained from his cheeks.

Even though it was summer, he would not go for a swim in the lake (we live on the banks of Zurich lake) saying it was too cold, while all his friends were cajoling him to join them. We knew something was wrong, but the diagnosis still came as a complete shock and we were numb with sadness and anxiety. I remember just how beautiful that summer day was, but for us it felt as if the sun had stopped shining.

Noah after 1 year on SCD
Noah after 1 year on SCD

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Starting the diet 

General SCD information

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