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New SCD Food Services Directory!

Too busy to cook SCD? Traveling and need yogurt or meals at your destination?
We know many busy SCD dieters who seek local help from SCD cooks/personal chefs or online SCD food orders to provide relief during hectic times.

The help can range from preparing specific items like SCD yogurt, to cooking or baking several SCD dishes or preparing a whole week's worth of SCD meals or freezer meals.

To connect those of us who need help with SCD food service providers, we created a new directory of SCD Food Services.

This directory has several categories:

  • Professionally trained personal chefs
  • Online SCD food sellers
  • Restaurants that readily cook SCD
  • SCD home cooks that offer paid cooking help

Please note: It is the responsibility of each user to interview potential providers and ensure that there is a good fit in terms of the needs and the level of service expected. Different providers will have different levels of SCD knowledge and different levels of SCD adherence, and varied levels of hygiene practice.

A personal chef will likely be more expensive. He/she should have professional training from a culinary school and experience in the culinary profession. For those of us with specific dietary needs, good training might be especially important. Chefs and catering businesses should have a business license. All chefs are required to have a food safety certification and if they work from a commercial kitchen, it should be licensed and inspected by the city with records you can check.

Gut Harmony readers can now submit listings and share them with others or search for listings when needed.

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