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Pedriatic IBD

Managing IBD and using restricted diets have an interesting trait in common: both require creative problem solving. At SCD Families we have quite a few parents who tapped into their creative sides and were inspired to start blogs and businesses related to their SCD experiences.

Check out the incredible recipes and the various perspectives on the joys and challenges of using healing diets in the family in the blogs below. This is the first list, more to come.

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Does your gastroenterologist support dietary therapy for IBD?

IBD patients who are interested in medically guided and supervised dietary therapies often face resistance from their doctors. In order to be able to advocate for their choices, patients must understand the complexities of the diet debate. The following recorded presentations highlight different aspects of this debate, so that diet users can respond to doubt and distrust. We will start with a presentation that focuses on the limitations of diet therapies, and we will follow with presentations of doctors who are diet advocates.

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