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This simple recipe is a variant based on a great SCD recipe from a blog at Eating SCD that served as great inspiration for us when we first started the diet. While beef jerky can be made with very lean cuts of beef, we prefer grass fed bison for it's leaner texture, flavor and nutritional value.

Beef Jerky
Beef Jerky


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“At our local children's hospital here in the Midwest, requests from parents for a mentor with diet and nutrition experience are ever increasing. It is my hope that our medical personnel will eventually acknowledge the need for alternative treatment options for IBD. I am happy to provide support and encouragement to families just like us, who continue to persevere daily, keeping our eyes on the goal of helping our kids live their best life”.  ...continue reading "Support for IBD Parents in the Midwest"


My family reside in north central Indiana. In 2009 our son Isaac was diagnosed at the age of 10 with juvenile arthritis after suffering knee, ankle, and wrist pain for a few months. Right before Christmas in 2011, he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and now his arthritis is considered an outlying symptom of Crohn's. Isaac was prescribed prednisone and the GI doctor wanted to put him on an upper level medication right away.

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People often ask me what is the best way to start a gut-healing diet. “From your weakest point,” I answer with a smile. It depends if your current weak link is your body, suffering distress that dictates immediate relief, or if your current weak link is your mind, resisting restrictions and change. ...continue reading "How to start a diet"



Despite our doubts and despite the doctor’s cautions, we decided to try a strange diet to manage our son's Crohns. Concerns about giving our son harsh medications from a young age had led us to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. In order to give the diet a fair chance, we made sure to practice it strictly and consistently and to our amazement we began seeing results. Within a short time, the Crohns symptoms had diminished, lab results had improved and later normalized completely. We even began mentoring other families that were facing similar medical conditions. ...continue reading "Milestones in our timeline"

This prep is SCD compliant.

A colonoscopy can be the butt of many jokes, funny and dreadful at the same time. It is not a procedure that is reserved for older adults - thousands of kids, some very young, undergo this test every year. The cleansing preparation is notoriously unpleasant, but there are ways to make it easier. Here are some good options to ease the discomfort: ...continue reading "Gentle colonoscopy prep"