Diet Problems

If it seems like the diet is not working and there is no improvement in the child’s symptoms, check these potential problem areas:

  1. Unbalanced lifestyle.  Adequate rest, effective stress management, daily exercise.
  2. Food tolerance. Too much honey and sweets? Too much nut flour? Too much dairy? Sensitivity to eggs?
  3. Moving too fast. Adding advanced food too fast?  Some people may need several months on the core diet before adding new foods.
  4. Hidden food additives. Possible offenders include: ‘natural’ store chicken is sometimes pre-soaked in sugar-salt solution, ‘plain’ steamed veggies at the restaurant can have starch coating, tomato juice can have added sugar or corn syrup, pre-packed veggies like baby carrots are often pre-washed in chlorine or other disinfecting solutions.


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