A father’s perspective: It was a miracle

My story is a little different than some of the other stories I hear about those needing the SCD diet.  Whereas many people who have chosen this diet have had things go wrong to drive them to it, we actually came to the diet thanks to a miracle.

My daughter was born missing a chromosome.  Doctors call it ‘Turner’s Syndrome’, which means that instead of having 46 chromosomes, she got 45.  But through something that can only be called a miracle, she is one of the 1 in 2 million fetuses (or something like this) that can survive such a conception.  Basically, her body coped by copying the important parts of chromosome 45 into chromosome 46.

This happy, healthy, intelligent, constantly singing, always dancing little girl, that defied all the odds, has been the bright spot (along with her brother!) since the day she was born.  She was sometimes in pain.  Often in the doctors office.  Never the type to seek pity or complain, never in her life with an ounce of depression or sadness, this miracle was given all the tools to deal with the inconveniences she had coming.

There were anomalies from the day she was born.  She was born with no toe-nails.  She was short.  She had digestive problems.  Persistent skin rashes. The list was long. As she got older, doctors began diagnosing her with different conditions.  We were prescribed medicine after medicine.  By the time she was 5, we had been prescribed medications for epilepsy, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, chronic constipation, eczema and acid reflux– A never ending list of “problems”.  And this is when the second miracle comes in.

I’m not sure exactly what the second miracle is.  Maybe having a mother is miracle enough.  My wife and I both hated bombarding our daughter with medication.  For me and the doctors, the fear of “not” having her take the medicines, and have something awful happen to her, outweighed the risks of bombarding her with pharmaceuticals.

While I was off at work, quietly uncomfortable at the level of medication we were forcing on our toddler, her mother was searching and learning, like nobody I’ve ever met.  She tried diet after diet.  We did no artificial colors.  No sweeteners.  No nightshades.  Gluten-free.  Stress began building between her mother and I, as I felt we were grasping at straws.

But the miracle of Moms is real.  When my wife stumbled on the SCD diet (which was probably the 8th different diet we had tried), the results were, again, miraculous.   Within a month, my daughter’s skin cleared.  She had previously had very visible psoriasis and eczema all over her body including her face.  Within 3 months, all symptoms and anything noticeable to us were gone.  No more seizures.  No more skin issues.  No more tummy problems.

It was a miracle.  Our family is blessed with them!

We have occasionally messed up with the diet, especially at restaurants, and the effects are immediate and awful.  Inflammation, especially in her face comes back.  I went from skeptic, to believer in a short manner of time.  And when my wife wanted to start her business, Liberated Specialty Foods, I was quick to back her with every last penny and every ounce of effort I could find.

I love my daughter.  I love my wife.  I love all of you who helped us find a way forward for our family.  You all deserve miracles too.



  1. Hi Tali,
    What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.
    I wish this family all the best! And yes, SCD really is a miracle. I see it on myself and with my Crohn’s. This diet helps me a lot.

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