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SCD Food Services Directory

Too busy to cook SCD? Traveling for work and need to hire someone to do the SCD cooking for you? Searching for SCD personal chefs/cooking helpers/restaurants/stores  for busy times? Check out the directory below.

Here is how this works.

To find a service, you can either click on a category link below (e.g. Restaurants, SCD Home Cooks, etc.) or you can enter a term in the search window (e.g. NY, WA, bakery, etc.). For more guidance about selecting a food service provider, read here.

To submit names of individuals or establishments, click on the button "Create A Listing", select the type of service, and fill out the details.

Please note that your submission will not show up immediately. New submissions are held pending approval by Gut Harmony. We try to check and approve listings once a week.