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Our son is a diet veteran, with over five years of eating strict SCD and mentoring people new to the diet. He knows that this diet granted him freedom from pain and from medications. However, while the diet led to wellness, the diet also created some dependencies that we cannot ignore.

Taco beef and salad
Teen packed lunch: Taco beef, eggplant salad, yellow lentils, fresh garden salad, olives and cheese.

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Despite our doubts and despite the doctor’s cautions, we decided to try a strange diet to manage our son's Crohns. Concerns about giving our son harsh medications from a young age had led us to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. In order to give the diet a fair chance, we made sure to practice it strictly and consistently and to our amazement we began seeing results. Within a short time, the Crohns symptoms had diminished, lab results had improved and later normalized completely. We even began mentoring other families that were facing similar medical conditions. ...continue reading "Milestones in our timeline"



We started as a single family, isolated, struggling to find a solution for pediatric Crohn's. As we began mentoring other families that had ill kids and were interested in the SCD as a therapeutic diet, our personal story expanded to include their stories as well. At first we used to invite each new family to our home so that they could learn in person how to start the diet and how to make it work. The number of interested parents increased weekly. We would come home and find phone messages on the answering machine, or wake up and find emails from desperate parents. To help address the growing need, I started periodic group mentoring sessions, but this did not help parents that lived far away. Reluctantly, I had to overcome my technical gaps and my strong need for privacy, and in 2014 I started a closed group on Facebook to support parents of IBD children and teens. The group is called SCD Families. These are just a few of the emails and messages sent to me during this time.

Identifying details have been removed to protect the privacy of IBD patients and their families
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SuccessI was raised in a "science town", near the green lawns of The Weitzman Institute of Science. The motto in my home was "if it doesn't have a scientific proof, it doesn't exist". In my adult life, I am surrounded by family and friends who are scientists, engineers and doctors in different fields. They all appreciate well planned and well executed research, factual statements backed by hard data, statistics, graphs, and numbers.

Yet here I was, about to make a huge decision that would affect my son's health, well-being and future… and my choice was so un-characteristic. At the time I was suggesting that we consider the SCD instead of immunosuppressant drugs, the diet was not backed by modern research and lacked statistical analysis of measured successes. Instead of following the common medical wisdom and the well-researched pharmaceutical protocol, we chose WHAT?
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