Gentle colonoscopy prep

This prep is SCD compliant.

A colonoscopy can be the butt of many jokes, funny and dreadful at the same time. It is not a procedure that is reserved for older adults – thousands of kids, some very young, undergo this test every year. The cleansing preparation is notoriously unpleasant, but there are ways to make it easier. Here are some good options to ease the discomfort:

A week before the procedure

Consider ordering these comfort items ahead of time :

Prepare a wide variety of fun stuff, to help distract your mind from food and pass the prep time at home. Reading material, movies and other fun indoor activities help. Kids can enjoy Lego sets, recorded books, art projects etc.

You will likely need to get Miralax and Dulcolax as your cleansing aids. Some people prefer the Dulcolax suppository over the oral one (it seems to cause less cramps). Check with your doctor and get all your prep aids ahead of time.

Two days before the colonoscopy

It may be helpful to transition to a light diet of easily digestible foods a few days prior to the procedure. Remember that what goes in, must come out, so a light diet can help the cleansing be less traumatic.

In order to avoid interfering with the colonoscopy, you will have to consume only clear or light colored liquids the day prior to the procedure. Make sure to line up 100% natural white grape juice and homemade strained lemonade (using only lemons, honey and water).

Use these juices to prepare two varieties of jello made from unflavored gelatin powder mixed with the white grape juice and/or the lemonade.

We also recommend that you prepare homemade popsicles by freezing white grape juice and lemonade.

Prepare a chicken or veggie broth. Strain the broth several times to filter out any residual solids. The broth must be clear to avoid interfering with the scope. Skim the fat off the top after the broth has been chilled (the fat is likely to interfere with the pill cam).

One day before the colonoscopy

You are only allowed clear liquids, and you must stay well hydrated. Enjoy the foods you prepared in advance: broth, white grape juice, homemade strained lemonade… and for textural variety, you will be happy to have the frozen juice popsicles and the clear Jello.

You can also suck a honey candy and use Elete or other homemade electrolyte liquids like this.

Colonoscopy day

Relax. Your GI will do the work today.

Post colonoscopy

A colonoscopy can be tough on the gut, and the cleanse can disturb the balance of the gut bacteria. Be proactive after the procedure. Start with light, easy to digest, foods as you ease gradually back to your normal diet. Replenish your gut with your regular sources of probiotics, like yogurt, on a regular basis.

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