Diet Mishaps, Diet Rescue

Every once in a while I get a panicked message from someone who accidently ate, or served their child, a forbidden food.  S.O.S!  What to do now? Can the damage be contained?  

Therapeutic diets are strict for good reasons, and ingesting forbidden foods can have consequences. However, which one of us has not been humbled by mistakes? We live, we fall, we get up. All we can do is minimize the damage, course correct, and move on.

Here are some helpful steps to consider immediately following a diet slip:

Retreat to basic safe foods for a few days. Eat only gut friendly easy to digest foods: broth, cooked chicken, vegetables, apple sauce, probiotic-rich yogurt, etc.

Take Activated Charcoal powder or capsules.  Activated Charcoal helps absorb and evacuate offensive substance out of the gut, and can be purchased over the counter at any natural food store or pharmacy. However, it must be used ONLY after consulting with your doctor or pharmacist, due to potential interaction with medications, and a few possible side effects. Follow your doctor’s orders or the directions on the label, as the dose will be different for different patients.

Take Epsom Salt Baths. Detoxifying and relaxing, Epsom salts are a recognized staple of wellness, and are very helpful when the body is trying to rebalance and recover. Make sure you use pure Epson salts without artificial additives. The only acceptable addition may be a few drops of pure essential oils that you can add to the bath water. If bath is not an option, try Epsom salt foot baths, dipping feet in a small plastic bucket with warm water and 1 cup of Epsom salt for 20 minutes per session.

Use relaxation tricks and techniques. Stressing out about what is done will only delay healing. Do anything that is calm and fun for you to help reduce harmful stress hormones. Good music, funny movies, rest, exercise, etc., whatever works to keep you tranquil.

Information on activated charcoal and Epson salt:

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