Modified SCD: Low FODMAP nut-free, egg white free, SCD

Most people respond well to SCD as it is presented on BTVC. Sometimes, a more restricted version of the diet is needed to help the body heal. In our parent support group we have seen that extra-sensitive IBD kids respond well to a more restricted form of SCD when first starting the diet, and over time as they heal, they gradually expand their diet and are able to enjoy the full scale of SCD foods.

My friend Morana (PhD) is a researcher by nature, a scientist by training, and the mother of three children. When her son Noah was diagnosed with Crohn’s, she and her husband, a medical doctor, decided to use SCD as a dietary therapy.

Utilizing her background, Morana developed an eating plan that was best suited for her son’s needs when he first started SCD. Noah’s diet at the start was a low FODMAP, nut-free, egg white free, version of SCD. Noah responded very well to the diet, and gradually was able to expand his food choices. These day Noah is a handsome, strong and happy kid, who enjoys the full variety of SCD foods. The diet requires a lot of work in the kitchen and constant planning to ensure there is SCD food available at home, at school and on traveling vacations, but the hard work is worth it, as the photos demonstrate.

In hope of helping other IBD families that may benefit from diet modifications in order to achieve healing from SCD, Morana is sharing this sample meal plan. To print a copy, download the PDF to your computer (i.e. right click in the PDF viewer and select “Save as”), and then view/print using your browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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