A new study will examine IBD diet from a user perspective

You can help by completing the patient surveys 

John Zoshak is a graduate student in the Human Centered Design and Engineering Program at the University of Washington. He is working with Dr. David Suskind of Seattle Children’s Hospital on an independent analytical study that will look at dietary therapy for IBD from a user perspective. This is a quality improvement field study, with the goal of easing the burden of adherence to dietary therapy.

John himself was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease four years ago. He has been using dietary therapy to manage his condition. As he realized how helpful diet therapy was for him, he became curious to understand how other families and individuals implemented dietary therapies like the SCD, and what challenges people encounter while practicing such diets.

As part of this project, John designed an online survey for IBD patients who are using diet therapies. The plan is to use this information to guide the creation of digital tools that may help patients. This online survey is one of the early stages of this process. The information gathered will help gain insight and identify the main challenges of patients who use SCD and similar diets.

This short online survey is anonymous and allows you to skip questions if necessary. The survey provides one link for patients and another link for caregivers. It begins with a few questions about personal and socioeconomic background, continues with questions about the difficulties of learning the basics of the diet, and followed by questions about the difficulties of practicing the diet on a daily basis.
Your help in completing the survey will be invaluable and will aid in the creation of tools to support the use of dietary therapies.

Patient survey link
Caregiver survey link

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