The microbiome and healthy nutrition – A new comic book by Dr. David Suskind

Dr. David Suskind, a Professor of Pediatrics at the Department of Gastroenterology at Seattle Children’s Hospital, is known for his ongoing efforts to study the intricate connections between IBD, Nutrition, and the microbiome.

He conducts ongoing research, participates in and speaks at national conferences, and, most importantly, he is extremely generous with his time and attention when he meets his young patients and their worried parents at the hospital every day.
As part of his mission to teach the importance of nutrition, he created the site Nimbal. The site was launched a few years ago to help patients, families, and healthcare providers integrate dietary therapy as treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

This week Dr. Suskind is launching yet one more tool he developed to help IBD kids: a comic book for IBD education with an emphasis on the microbiome and healthy nutrition.

Dr. Suskind says: “Professor Nimbal’s Exploration in Crohn’s and Colitis was made to help patients and families understand the Hows, Whats and Whys of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. My book invites them to join Professor Nimbal, and IBD kids Avi and Addy as they journey into the depths of the bowels to explore the interaction between the immune system and the microbiome, to better understand IBD. ….through knowledge comes power especially if it is in the form of a comic book!”

Currently, Dr. Suskind is printing a number of hard copies for newly diagnosed IBD patients at Seattle Children’s. In the future there may also be hard copies available for those who don’t come to SCH. Dr. Suskind also plans to make printed copies available at the CCFA Northwest walk in Seattle on June 9th 2018.

For those who would like a copy right now, a digital form is available for purchase via this link,  Proceeds go towards continued efforts in research and education of dietary therapies for IBD.

The book empowers every child to team-up with her/his parents and medical caregivers and to take a leadership role in understanding and managing his own gut wellness. Every child is the hero of his own story and every child can have his own Professor Nimbal, as the book states: “to learn more about your IBD talk with your Gastroenterologist – your very own Professor Nimbal”.

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