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Pedriatic IBD

Managing IBD and using restricted diets have an interesting trait in common: both require creative problem solving. At SCD Families we have quite a few parents who tapped into their creative sides and were inspired to start blogs and businesses related to their SCD experiences.

Check out the incredible recipes and the various perspectives on the joys and challenges of using healing diets in the family in the blogs below. This is the first list, more to come.

Jessica Grelle and her son Alex are sharing their journey of healing Crohns with diet in their blog We Cook to Cure.  Mom is the food scientist & nutritionist and son is the photographer & web designer. They make a great team!


Elizabeth is sharing beautifully photographed recipes on her blog Elizabeth M Jacob.  It is a lifestyle blog dedicated to clean eating, the SCD diet, simple living and parenting in the modern world.


Cindi, a long timer at SCD Families, is the fun and creative mom behind the blog Fighting flare.  Many of Cindi’s posts are timeless, and overtime helped inspire hundreds of parents. 


Ben is a teen who shares his journey and his family’s SCD recipes as inspiration to others on his blog Own Crohn’s.   His moto is:  “You shouldn’t just live with Crohn’s or survive with it – you should own it!”


Stacey Schlaman is making SCD food conveniently available for those that need or want it. She incubated her company, Liberated Specialty Foods, as a member of SCD Families and is now selling her grain-free foods throughout the USA.   Check her blog.


Cindy Frei, CEO, Founder of Caleb’s Cooking Company, also started her SCD journey at SCD Families. In her blog she shares stories, insight and wisdom on what it’s like living with chronic illness/severe allergies and the dietary restrictions that often follow. 

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