Tali Guday

Tali Guday

Colonoscopy Prep/Cleanse On SCD

It may be helpful to transition to low-residue foods which are pureed with lots of liquid on the third and second days before your procedure, then changing to clear liquids the day of the preparation. Since a colonoscopy can be tough on…

SCD At School

We set a 504 plan at school to accommodate the diet and to help support your child’s specific needs. IBD is a recognized medical disability which entitles a child to accommodations that can be implemented in school.

SCD Kitchen Tips and Shortcuts

Use prepared, “ready to use” staples as long as you are sure there are no additives: frozen veggies, deboned no-skin chicken breast, etc. Have some legal cans of chicken, tuna and salmon- for emergency as well as for a quick…

Starting SCD or Handling A Flare

Stage one is “defensive SCD”. We use it when the digestive system and the immune system might be extra sensitive, for example when sensing a bad cold or a flare which might be brewing. It can also be used as…